4.0 MW Hydraulic Power Unit

Hycom projects | Offshore


Hycom has supplied an innovative Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU), including control system, installed on Heerema’s semi-submersible crane ship ‘Sleipnir’. This HPU drives a hydraulic pile hammer for placing foundation piles subsea, for instance for offshore platforms or windmill foundations. This system was built before by Hycom in a mobile containerized version, also for Heerema.

The installed power is just over 4.0 MW with an overall output flow of 5,600 L/min at 350 bar. This flow is proportionally controllable and is generated with ten main pump-sets. Each consisting of two Hydac axial plunger pumps and two Hydac vane pumps. Additionally there are four auxiliary pump-sets for supply of pilot oil and heating up.

The hydraulic reservoir has a volume of 45,000 litres. The system was built in four sections to reduce transport and installation cost. The total footprint is 13.3 x 5.7 metres, with a total dry weight of 58 MT (including oil 97 MT). The system also comprises of switchboards, control desk and two deck manifolds.

Hycom’s innovative approach to the design and construction of power system technology – with simpler, more reliable and flexible solutions – can also be the right solution for you. For example, the system was designed by Hycom in a modular way to achieve a significant reduce of transport and installation costs.