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HYDAC is often involved in the tender phase, which results in cost effective solutions throughout
the service life of the system.

Civil works

Hycom hydraulic systems: Stable civil works, like bridges, locks and footbridges, that function the way they should

We have proven our skills in developing and engineering the most wide-ranging hydraulic drives and control systems for civil works. The Netherlands have battled wind and water for many years. That is why we acquired a
vast experience in the engineering, production and installation of hydraulically operated
civil works.


  • Traffic and passenger bridges
  • Ro-ro bridges
  • Shiplocks and gates
  • Tide barriers
  • Gates for water pumping stations


These civil projects are usually equipped with proportional technology. Thanks to a specially developed unique combination of hydraulics and electronics, as well as the incorporation of output controls operated by servos, the movement takes place in a perfectly controlled manner. For some applications we make use of the unique HYDAC OXiStop and Purifier technology. Besides a smaller reservoir, the continuous degassing and dewatering process enables a lifetime extension of the hydraulic fluid.

Hycom hydraulic systems for civil works in the spotlight

Civil work | Projects

Hydraulic power unit installed on the Botlek bridge

Hydraulic system for the Botlek Bridge

Hycom developed and built the hydraulic system for locking the bridge and the¬†systems for tensioning the drive and balance cable …

Door cylinder for the Volkerak locks

Volkerak Revision | Hydraulic System to speed up the levelling process

Hycom provided and adjusted the existing hydraulic system to¬†ensure shorter waiting times for the ships travelling through the locks …

Hydraulic cylinder with manifold and accumulators to open the Dollegoor bridge

Overhaul Dollegoor-bridge

For the revision of the Dollegoor bridge, Hycom supplied a hydraulic aggregate and two cylinders. The hydraulic aggregate is fitted with a tank …

Hydraulic system for Macken Street Bridge

Hycom has delivered the complete hydraulic system including the cylinders for the Macken Street Bridge in Dublin. The Macken Street Bridge …

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