Hydraulic maintenance equipment for military applications

Hydraulic test unit for military aircrafts

In cooperation with Partex LLC, Hycom developed a test unit especially for the Russian market. These test units …
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Trailing suction dredger for a Dutch shipyard

For a Dutch shipyard we have supplied the hydraulic packages for several trailing suction hopper dredgers (TSHD) up to 2000m3 capacity …
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Hydraulic Power Unit for use in dredging applications
Complete turn-key hydraulic system for active visors

Active visor head adjustment suction tube

In cooperation with a West-European dredger, we developed an active visor head adjustment for a suction tube. The visor can be operated both …
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Hydraulic aggregate for a production line

For one of our customers in the industry we developed a hydraulic system based on smart customization. Because of this, we have managed to realize …
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Hydraulic power unit for a production line
Triple maintenance system with Omnidrive system

Triple maintenance system with Omnidrive system

For a West-European aircraft builder Hycom has equipped a mobile unit with a special drive system. Instead of a conventional undercarriage with …
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Aritex project China

For the new production facility in China of a West-European aircraft builder, Hycom has supplied the complete inventory of mobile hydraulic …
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HPU connected to machine

Hydraulic systems industry | Standard HPU

Hycom designs and builds hydraulic systems for one of the largest manufacturers of machinery for steel fabrication and plate processing related industries …
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Hydraulic systems industry | Multipurpose test rig

This multipurpose test rig has been engineered in order to develop hydraulic components. Every test station (5 in total) can individually run autonomous …
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Operating panel Multipurpose test rig

Hydraulic system for monopile gripper frame

A Dutch dredging and offshore contractor has made a contract with Hycom for a drive-and-control system for several monopile gripper frames …
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Hydraulic system for upending tool

Hycom has delivered the hydraulic system for a monopile skidding and upending tool for an European Offshore contractor. With the hydraulic …
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Hydraulic system Upending tool
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