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Saving on initial investment

Incidental Maintenance: Hire an HT

We understand the flexibility necessary to react quickly in the continuous changing MRO Market. With the current A/C fleet changing to the 5000 PSI systems, your MRO Hydraulic needs will change too. For a versatile and quick solution to acquiring HGPU (GSE), renting your equipment is a great option. The big plus: savings on initial investments, covered for in terms of maintenance.

Not only are you covered in terms of maintenance also on the initial investments.
It is a great way to start up or extent your operation. It provides you easy access to the latest and most advanced HGPU in the market.

We have the special HT2000-1-E/1-S 2-X350-Z (including B787/A350/A380 and Airbus A320 family couplings available for direct rental.

Specs: Dual system: pressure: 3000/ 5000 psi ( with unique safety), Flow, 0-50 USG/ minute
See the animation below for more details.

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Accurate measuring


Do you always measure ‘accurately’?¬†Your measuring and test equipment should measure all important values as accurately as possible. In order to guarantee this, the test equipment must be calibrated regularly and must be traceable to national measurement standards.

Optimize the quality of your test equipment by using our calibration service. All the calibration equipment we use is traceable to national and international measurement standards.

Custom training for products or systems to suit your needs


Machines and systems in use today have a high degree of specialisation. However, focusing on the core business is a necessary step in safeguarding our competitive side. Therefore operating or maintaining this equipment needs to be carried out by skilled people.

We can offer you a training for the products or systems both in-house and on location. From basic to advanced hydraulics, our training will be customised to your needs.