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Hydraulic systems for heave compensation, winches, cranes and other offshore and wind applications

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Hydraulics for heave compensation and special winches with or without constant tensioning

Hycom specializes in designing innovative, new hydraulic systems to drive for example lifting systems for self-elevating platforms, shock absorbers, active systems for heave compensation and special winches with or without constant tensioning.

We keep in mind that the hydraulic systems and hydraulic power units (HPU) for the offshore industry are subject to special requirements. Sea and climate affect the moving parts while safety and a long life-cycle need to be preconditions for the high-quality hydraulic systems we develop, manufacture and install.

Our professional team proves their ingenuity time and again. Hycom frequently is already involved in in-depth discussions with you, our client, in the (pre)design phase, because we know how to handle the current requirements set by all the major classification agencies and have knowledge of all the latest hydraulic technologies.

No matter where your system will be used, whether it is out at sea, on land or subsea, Hycom can provide the best possible hydraulic solution. If requested, Hycom can commission the systems on site. We combine careful implementation with flexibility, working with a firm focus on results, because we know just how expensive unproductivity is in this industry.

As a company that manufactures and works with offshore equipment you need a partner that is reliable, flexible and driven to provide you with the hydraulic solution you need for your system. Hycom is that partner!

New Active Heave Compensation System


HeaveCom a new Active Heave Compensation System:
– Up to 85% more energy efficient
– No on board nitrogen generation
– Less overall wear
– Existing hydraulic winches can easily be transformed into the Active HeaveCom System
– Easy to configure as a redundant system
– less fuel consumption / Energy loss

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Hycom in the spotlight

Offshore & Wind| Projects

Hydraulic system Upending tool

Hydraulic system for upending tool

Hycom has delivered the hydraulic system for a monopile skidding and upending tool for an European Offshore contractor. With the hydraulic …

4 MW Hydraulic Power Unit

4.0 MW Hydraulic Power Unit

Hycom has supplied an innovative Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU), including control system, installed on Heerema’s semi-submersible crane …

Hydraulic system for monopile gripper frame

A Dutch dredging and offshore contractor has made a contract with Hycom for a drive-and-control system for several monopile gripper frames …

Diesel Driven HPU ATEX zone2

Diesel driven hydraulic power unit and utility container

The Hydac group has delivered the diesel driven hydraulic power units (HPU) suited for ATEX zone 2 and the utility container including the …

Hydraulics for a monopile gripper used for Offshore Wind

Hydraulic system for Monopile Gripper Frame 3

A Dutch dredging and offshore contractor has made a contract with Hycom for a drive-and-control system for a monopile …

Piston accumulator with nitrogen station

Accumulator and Nitrogen set for heave compensated gangway

Hycom delivers, for a company in offshore personnel transfer, several versions of their active heave compensated gangways …

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